Assist Plus Finance & Accounting In-House Training 

Via our sister company, which is an ACTVET certified training institute, based in Abu Dhabi, we help our clients in developing their accounting and finance employees by offering tailored training classes. Our proven and effective approaches adopted by the world-class programs, we assure the learning outcome are achieved and yield training cost savings compared to public scheduled courses. We advise that if you have more than four people, it is better off to conduct in-house training courses as this is the break-even point.



Our programs are earmarked for employees working in government agencies, public institutions and private sector companies. These programs aim to meet the training needs for personnel working within these authorities and contribute to providing participants with functional skills to facilitate performance improvement and allow for sharing experience amongst participants from other agencies. We can deliver in both languages English and Arabic which fits best for your company.

Before running any program we will first conduct a "need analysis" to identify your employee's training needs in the field of finance and accounting. Then we will customise a tailored made programs that will match the development requirements identified in order to meet the maximum potential outcome.


It could be one program or we can also develop a full year training calendar for your finance team all within your defined training investment budgets. The program could range from the basics to advanced ones in disciplines such as:


Accounting for Non-Accountants

Accounting, Decision Making & Financial Communication

Accounts Payable From Accounting to Management

Adding Value in Internal Audit

Advanced Budgeting & Cost Management

Advanced Cash Flow & Working Capital Management

Advanced Enterprise Risk Management

Advanced Financial Statements Analysis

Bank Reconciliation and Petty Cash Management

Budgeting, Forecasting and the Planning Process

Business Financial & Accounting Skills

Business Intelligence & Analytics for Finance Professionals

Cost Reduction in Procurement

Developing the Annual Audit Plan

Effective Budgeting & Operational Cost Control

Effective Cash Flow Treasury and Risk Management

Effective Fraud Interviewing Techniques

Essentials of Corporate Finance

Financial Accounting & Reporting

Financial Analysis, Modelling & Forecasting

Financial Analysis, Planning & Control

Financial Analysis, Planning & Controlling Budget

Forecasting and Analysing Cash Flow

Forensic Auditing

Project Appraisal & Analysis

Project Appraisal Financial and Economic Factors


The above are some of the courses that we can offer but are not restricted. We can design and carry any topics related to finance and accounting based on your needs.